Facts About the Labradoodle

If you are searching for an amazing dog keep as a pet, then maybe you should consider the Labradoodle. This dong is very intelligent, sweet and loving and would be ideal for you and your family.This dog and his puppies don't shed in most cases and if it does its very little, meaning it's a perfect dog for people or families with allergies. If you don't know the genetic makeup of a Labradoodle, then it's good to know that it's a combination of a Labrador and Poodle. Before cross breeding can occur, there meticulous selection to ensure the resulting breed is perfect.

Normally, Labradoodle puppies have smooth and log hair coat and sometimes their hair coat may appear woolly. You can decide to own puppies with long hair coat or those with a woolly coat. Alternatively, you can own both puppies as both are soft and cuddly. Many breeders take time during the selection process for better results. Normally, the Labradoodle puppies come in a number of sizes such as standard, miniature and medium. It all depends of the preference if you are looking for one adopt.If you are looking to adopt a Labradoodle, then there are a couple of things you need to know about this breed.


The Labradoodle is very intelligent dog meaning you'll have a lot of fun during training. Also because this dog is loyal in nature, you are likely going to bond during your training sessions.

A variety of coat colors

The Labradoodle comes in many coat colors including, cream, black,apricot, chocolate and silver meaning you have plenty of choices. The dog's texture does vary from being curly like the poodle to being flat like the Labrador. Though it is important to understand that as the puppies grow, their coats have a tendency to change in color. Meaning, the color of your puppy will be very different to the color of your grown dog.


Aside from being sweet and fun, the Labradoodle temperament is also perfect for a family. These dogs are lovable and loyal friends that every one should have in the home. They are easily trained and will do whatever you want them to do. If you are looking for a sweet, fun dog that will please you, then you should adopt a Labradoodle and get more info about it. When you purchase this breed, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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